A Tribute to Unsung Heroes

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Staying at the Ananda Gaorii Ashram, Farm and Learning Center — a hive of spiritual learning and inspiration for young people all over Europe — I am reminded of all the good things the organisation I work for does, in … Continued

Liberty or Enslavement?

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New York City is a labyrinth — above and below ground — of wounded, jaded but surprisingly nice people. Like the tap water, which makes for surprisingly good drinking. This country is full of contradictions like that. Recently I visited … Continued

My Peace

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Try this exercise: Write a list of all your possessions — of all the things you call yours. “My family… my partner… my children… my house… my car… my reputation… my health… my wealth… etc.” That list is how far … Continued

Reflections on Reality

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  This artwork is made of thousands of screws and nails driven into two wooden human forms. When I first saw it I didn’t think much of it, but on closer inspection I started to appreciate the depth of its … Continued

The Cosmic Drama

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It’s ironic that the mix up of the Academy Awards best picture award has been taken as such a mess up by those connected with the movie industry, and of course by the press who tend to put a negative … Continued


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The last 24 hours have been especially good. I heard of the release of Dada Maheshvarananda from 9-months wrongful imprisonment in a Venezuelan jail. My rental application for a beautiful jagrti (meditation centre) in the heart of Adelaide was approved. … Continued

We Are Better Than That

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Whenever I have been in the USA I have felt a great connection with black people. Although they have been exploited and oppressed in that country for hundreds of years now, and right up to this day, they continue to … Continued

The Misguided Ducklings

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A few days ago I came across a couple of Australian wood ducks with a brood of newly-hatched ducklings. The parents were initially fiercely protective of them, but the more they got to know me the less aggressive they became. … Continued

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