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Try this exercise:

Write a list of all your possessions — of all the things you call yours. “My family… my partner… my children… my house… my car… my reputation… my health… my wealth… etc.”

That list is how far you are from peace. If it’s a long list you are a long way away. If it’s a short list you are closer. The shorter it is the closer you are.

Once you have nothing on your list, you will always be in peace.

Alternatively, the same thing could be expressed paradoxically: if you feel that everything — the whole universe — is yours, that’s the same as having a list of nothing. Everything is nothing. Or rather everything is one thing: Universal Peace/Love/God. I had this feeling once when I was walking through the streets of Hong Kong, which is practically made of money. Although I did not “own” anything, I felt that the whole place was mine.

Incidentally, I first saw Arlo Guthrie performing his father’s song 10 years ago at the Lincoln Center, NYC. I loved it so much that I learnt to sing it on guitar. My version (and lyrics) came out a bit different, so I like to say the song is by Woody Guthrie and me!


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  1. Dipakkumar

    Mind blowing dada…really !!!

  2. Dipakkumar

    Mind blowing experience dada !!!

  3. How do you get rid of all those things and experience peace? I have like 20 things on my list.

    • gunamuktananda

      It’s not a matter of getting rid of anything. We need people and things in our lives to maintain our physical and mental wellbeing. The trick is to not be attached to them; to not feel like you own them, or they are yours. You can do this through mediation, which gives you an ever-increasing feeling of the pervasive Oneness of all things. If you would like to learn meditation you can sign up for a free online course here:

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