The Cosmic Drama

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It’s ironic that the mix up of the Academy Awards best picture award has been taken as such a mess up by those connected with the movie industry, and of course by the press who tend to put a negative spin on everything assuming it will improve their viewer ratings. In an industry intimately connected with storytelling, this was a great ending to an otherwise pedestrian story. A great twist too. Not quite as good as the Shawshank Redemption or Manon des Sources, but pretty good nonetheless, considering there’s a shortage of that kind of thing in Hollywood films of late. So what an irony that a great twist should unfold right at the end of their awards show (right where it’s meant to be too according to the rules of story-writing) and they don’t even see it as such.

If you look at what makes our lives meaningful on the worldly level, it’s drama. Nobody likes to be bored. That’s true even on the cosmic scale. One of the Tantric philosophical interpretations of the universe is the cosmic drama: that everything is happening in the Cosmic Mind as a drama on a cosmic scale. The Cosmic Mind is “thinking” of everything at the same time, everything emerging out of its Consciousness, existing within it, and merging back into it; the whole process happening concurrently throughout the whole universe in different ways and different forms, all contributing to the greatest show on earth…. well, the universe. That’s what gives meaning to our lives while we’re getting round to finding the true meaning of our lives. And according to Tantric philosophy, that’s what gives meaning to the Cosmic Consciousness too.

The participants of the Academy Awards should lighten up and see the drama that unfolded within their midst for what it was: great viewing.


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