Bill Maher, the N-Word and the Slavery of Humanity

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If there’s a way you can use the N-word innocuously, without the slightest intention of causing offence, I feel Bill Maher did it (and humorously) in his interview with a Nebraska senator. But he still got chewed out over it by Ice Cube when he was on his show a few days later. I really think the underlying tone and implication of his comment was self-deprecating if anything. Not only self-deprecating, but it also cleverly alluded to the fact that in our consumerist society where our every whim and desire is exploited by corporate capitalism, we have all become slaves to the system. Let’s move on… and into a rational, inclusive and non-exploitative world.


  1. John

    Letting go of the rocks and snags and allowing yourself to float on the stream is not easy, especially those of us who have a strong sense of locus within the body. I have found it easier to pursue Jnana and making a pest of myself by telling others that reality is mostly empty space and the world is not made out of ball bearings, and we must trust the process.. ,,,Cheers….

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