Cosmic Consciousness

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At the heart of the ancient culture of mysticism is the search for the unknown; one’s inner self, the Greater Self; the infinite and eternal Cosmic Consciousness beyond words, thought and mind.

That Supreme Self is inexpressible and inconceivable. We can only know it subjectively. It is the essence of our being, beyond sensory perception or intellectual analysis. Words can’t describe it and the mind can’t think of it, just like a light bulb can’t shed light on the electricity that powers it.

It is the one all-encompassing, absolute and immutable reality of this universe. Everything and everyone exists within it. The entire universe exists in and of consciousness. You are not only part of it, but one with it, like a wave is one with the sea.

It is all-pervading. It exists within everyone and everything, like seawater exists within the wave. It is the essence of existence, the source of all things, our innermost self, the core of our being, the life of your life, the mind of your mind, the soul of your soul; the ever-present, ever-radiant, ever-blissful awareness inherent in everybody and everything. It is not outside you, or separate to you, but your inner state of being. It is your inner you.

Now, just like a frog in a well is naturally oblivious to the rest of the world, it’s natural to be sceptical about something we can’t perceive. But that doesn’t mean we should reject outright the possibility of a greater reality. Indeed, it would be foolish to do so. According to my experience, higher consciousness does exist and it is attainable. You can know it within you and all around you, within yourself and all beings, through the regular and sincere practice of meditation.

Meditation expands the mind beyond our everyday awareness into the realm of the mystical. It means to look for the essence of oneself within oneself. It is completely introspective in nature. It is the process of centring yourself on your inner self; connecting to your true self. It’s not the imposition of any belief from outside yourself. It’s about you. It’s about finding the essence of yourself within yourself and realising that essence as the inner self of all beings and the entire universe.

In the process we get to know the universe and all its secrets, as well as the peace of true contentment. Self-realisation means self-fulfilment in the deepest possible sense; the fulfilment of our deepest desire: infinite happiness, bliss. And it is inevitable that we find that bliss within ourselves because it’s already there as the essence of ourselves. Knowingly or unknowingly, whether we believe it or not, the blissful realisation of ourselves as pure loving consciousness is the primary purpose of our lives. We have many secondary purposes but only one primary purpose which we all share. So we all have a great purpose in life, a great mission to fulfil. Life is a mission. Our lives are imbued with deep meaning and significance and there is every reason to be optimistic about the future. It is inevitable that you will attain that state of blissful loving oneness that you are ultimately longing for. It’s just a matter of time. Self-realisation is a self-fulfilling prophesy for each and every one of us.

Just as a river flows into the sea, we are all returning home. We are all on a journey to attaining that one ultimate state of eternal love. And like many rivers flowing into the one sea, there is no possibility of ending up in the wrong place forever — only the right place. The total and absolute experience of that one and abiding love of all loves is your glorious destiny.

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